Placenta Preparation

Raw Method (AKA “cold process”) • $250
The raw placenta is rinsed thoroughly, cut, dehydrated, ground into powder and encapsulated. This process usually yields between 90-120 capsules, depending on the size and thickness of the placenta.


Add-On Placenta Services

Placenta Tincture • $35 | 2 for $50
This 4oz tincture is made from 100-150 proof liquor and a small piece of raw placenta. It is placed in a dropper bottle and aged for at least 6 weeks, then strained to remove the piece of placenta. This tincture can last indefinitely with proper storage, and can be used for hormonal balance, energy and stress relief. You can also use the tincture for teething on babies six months old and up.

Smoothie Prep • $35
This preparation yields 14 pieces of placenta prepared, wrapped and stored for use in your favorite fruit smoothie recipe. Smoothie prep is available for placentas released within 48 hours after birth, and includes pieces for 2 smoothies per day for the first week. You cannot taste the placenta in your smoothie, and this is a great way to begin using your fresh placenta. Benefits include decreasing postpartum bleeding and replacing hormones, iron and nutrients after delivery.

Healing Salve • 8oz $35 | 4oz $20
This salve is a special recipe containing a blend of organic oils, herbs, and a small amount of placenta powder. This salve can be used in so many ways: lotion, chapstick, diaper cream, scar healing, sunburn and itch relief, ointment for minor cuts and scrapes. It has healing, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and moisturizing properties, and it has a great herbal scent. This salve can be made without placenta powder for the same price.

Placenta Print and Cord Keepsake
These two keepsake gifts are included with placenta preparation. A print of your placenta is made before steaming or dehydration, and the print is laminated once it is dry. Your baby’s umbilical cord will be dehydrated and can be placed into a heart, spiral, “love” or other custom shape (length permitting).


Photography Services

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